Putting off the Old Self

“I’m not defined by my struggles. I’m defined by being a child of God.” – Sophomore Jesse Harris IMG_2575

Wednesday’s chapel began with powerful student testimonies to some of the struggles they have experienced in their lives. Lydia Flegge, Jesse Harris, Bella Coats, Victor Fink, and Sadie Armstrong all shared a piece of their story with us. The video was a great start to a chapel about being real with ourselves and putting off our old sins to become a new creation. IMG_2580

Paster Dave Souers reminded us that we often become numb to our sins and think that they are not a big problem. We are so used to our sin that we hardly notice it anymore. He compared this feeling to having calloused hands after playing guitar for years. “Callouses make us numb to the pain we put our bodies through… to the sin in our lives.”

He encouraged us by saying that God wants to cleanse us of all of the filth and grime that we are covered in. Ephesians 4:17-34 explains this idea. We are called to put off the old self and put on the new self.

How do we get real with ourselves? Nothing we think, say, and do is hidden from God. First we must confess our sins. Even though our sins are not anonymous, we need to be able to recognize them as they are in our lives and be forgiven for them.

He ended by reminding us that we all have sin in our lives. Just like a bat flying around in our basement, we shouldn’t just let it stay there. We need to get rid of it!