The POWer of Words

Kyle Zimmerman spoke in chapel on September 16th about the power of words. In six words, some sophomore students describe his message and what they experienced in this chapel.

Nothing nice to say? Stay silent. –Luke Mooibroek

Unwholesome talk is destructive to others. –Matthew Rumple

What’s in the heart comes out. –Kaitlyn Horne

Do not ever say idiot again. –Logan Garton

Fewer words make for wiser words. –Ryan Reimschisel

Watch your tongue, it is untamed. – Hannah Weaver

He did not rap for us. –Andrew Mishler

Someone is always listening to you. –Riley Saleik

Words are powerful; use them wisely. –Mark Fisher

Please speak encouragement, or stay quiet. – Selah Roberts

Our words are who we are – Levi Mossburg

Your words pack a powerful punch! –Emma St. Peters

Yup. That is my youth pastor. –Carenna Rae