See you at the Pole

Around the world on the 23rd of September, various Christian students gathered around their local school’s flagpole to pray, worship, and scripture read. SYATP, short for “See You at the Pole”, began in 1990 in the United States in public schools for Christians. It started because some Christian students were treated poorly, so they would get together to pray for a good year. Though the Christian students meeting at the pole to pray was considered unconstitutional, the prayers organized by the students were protected by the freedom of speech.

IMG_2924In 2006, school officials tried to ban students from meeting around the pole for prayer. But the attorneys from Rutherford Institute successfully argued and persuaded them not to because of freedom of speech. Sometimes SYATP gatherings are filled with worship music, testimonies, or there is even a speaker. Here at Blackhawk, we had about 50 people, students and teachers, that joined in the prayer circle around the flagpole.

What started just as a small group event became a world-wide event. One of the students that I had a chance to interview about her experience at the SYATP was Claire Freeborn. She quotes, “It was very encouraging to see tons of students come together to pray and worship because not everyone would sacrifice their sleep for that.”

Article submitted by: Anna Mortenson