Our Town Chapel

Chapel last week provided some background on the play Blackhawk performed, Our Town. This is the second time Blackhawk has performed the popular play. Our Town is performed every day of the year somewhere on earth. As Mr. Luedeke was discussing the play, he told us some details. It shows two families and their daily lives, cooking, cleaning and small talking. Similar to how our daily lives are always in a rush, looking forward to the future and missing the right now. Later in the play a main character dies and discovers she can go back to one day in her life. Emily chooses the least important day- her 12th birthday she realized that she didn’t appreciate the time she had with her family. They were always in a rush, not noticing each other.

This chapel and the play reminded us of the importance of small moments that happen every day. Are we taking our lives for granted?

Article submitted by Brittany Queen