Awake Week: Being a light in the world

Wednesday 8/31

Dave Souers covered a lot of information in today’s chapel. The passages that he referred to were in 1 Peter. He mainly talked about rules, what we need to be, fear, and sin. All of what he talked about can help us prepare for when we (students) get into the real world.


1 Peter 1:13 says, “Therefore, preparing your minds for action, and being sober-minded, set your hope fully on the grace that will be brought to you at the revelation of Jesus Christ.” Dave had said that yes, the Bible does tell us what we should and shouldn’t do, but the Bible also isn’t just a bunch of rules to keep us from doing stuff. Rules were made to protect us. Dave gave us 5 things from the Bible that we need to be. We need to be alert (be aware of the world), have a clear mind (don’t let the world blur your vision), be holy (be different from the world), have a healthy fear for God, and be loving.
Dave talked quite a bit about fear and sin. Now the fear that we have should be a healthy fear. Having a healthy fear is good, it helps keep us from doing something stupid. We also need to have a healthy fear for God, because he is all powerful and we should be afraid of him. Dave also talked about Satan, and how he should fear us because of what we can do. He talked about sin and how we all fall short, but we need to hate the sin and love the sinners. We need to put away the sinful desires and do good deeds because of what Jesus has done for us; but we need to the good deeds for the right reasons not “to get into heaven”. Jesus is the one who makes us clean and holy so we need to encourage others with the love of Jesus.

Thursday 9/1

The entire week there has been a different theme and today was the importance of scripture. The first thing we did was read Psalm 51 then went into worship. The songs were Desert Song and The Stand. Psalm 51 is about David repenting to God.

We have to get past our bad choices and our past and repent. We have to recalibrate every day and renew our mind. God knows all the good and bad in our life but still sent Jesus to die for us. God is light and we need to be a reflection, like the moon reflecting the sun, of God in this world.

There is no darkness in God whatsoever. If we say that we have not sinned we are calling him a liar but if there is no darkness in him he can not be a liar. We can not justify our sin.

Friday 9/2

Bella Coats, Grace Maconochie, and Lydia Flegge lead worship. Then Alli Nagy talked about the yellow piece of paper that we got when we walked in. It was given to us so we could reflect on what Dave had talked about in chapel this past week. We were given about five minutes to reflect and go over that paper.

Later, Dave got on stage and told us about a yellow card. We were given the opportunity to get the yellow card and write down a commitment on it. We could either keep the card or set it down in front of the cross. That represented that we were giving that commitment to God. The bottom of that card has a quote by Dave that says, “We live as Exiles by resting in scripture and walking with others.” The rest of chapel we were able to move around, write on the card, and talk/ pray with other students or teachers.