Awake Week: Living in Exile

Monday 8/29

Isabella Coats and Lydia Flegge lead us in an amazing time of worship. Then, Allison Nagy introduced the speaker, Dave Souers. Dave began his sermon by defining our theme of exiles. He explained to us that an exile is a follower of Jesus sent out to the world on a mission. Dave taught us that as exiles, we live in a place that isn’t our home. The mission we were sent to accomplish is to be a light in this dark world.

Then, Dave told us that our relationships with Jesus depend on us. In order to be an exile, we have to want to put the effort in ourselves to receive the gift of eternal life. He went on to explain that the path of Christianity isn’t easy and that we were called to suffer in the world. Dave used the example of the Babylonians living in exile. The Babylon Captivity was when Jews were deported to Babylonia without a state, and without a nation. They were living in exile and they refused to give into the things of the world while in captivity. The Babylonians faced trials that strengthened their walks with Christ. The dangerous remnant of falling into idolatry laid an anchoring to the word of God. The Babylonians overcame their trials and their faith grew stronger through the process.

We can learn from the Babylonians that living in exile is meant to be a challenge and that we should work together as Christians to accomplish the mission of being a light in this dark world. However, Christians cannot resort only to other Christians, we need to branch out into our communities. As exiles, we were sent out to make a difference in the world, and we can’t make a difference if we are only interacting with other Christians. It is easy to get caught up staying in your comfort zone instead of testing and strengthening your faith in a way that makes us lights to the world.

In Dave’s closing prayer, he challenged us to love the world like Jesus loved us. He also encouraged us to examine ourselves and to be real in our walks with Christ. We are living in exile and it is our mission as followers of Christ to shine our lights in the world. If we stay strong as a community and fulfill our mission as exiles, then we will receive God’s gift of eternal life. We can change the world if we all work together as exiles to shine our lights.


Tuesday 8/30

The Tuesday chapel of Awake Week was opened up by student body president, Jon Roth. He reminded everyone to look at the T.V.s and to read the verse and challenges that are being displayed. Afterwards, Bella Coats and Grace Maconochie made their way up onto the stage.

Bella and Grace led us in worship. Bella, in between songs, reminded everyone that we sing what we believe. After finishing up the worship, Principal Harmon introduced Awake Week’s speaker, Dave Souers. He explained to us that a follower of Jesus is an exile.

He also informed to us that just because someone knows about God doesn’t mean they have a relationship with him.

A major passage Souers brought up in chapel was Psalm 119:9-16 which were basically telling us that even though the act of memorizing Bible verses for class may seem tedious, it is worth it. Knowing the Word will help get you through exile.

Being in the world (out of your Christian bubble), but not looking like the world was also a major concept that was talked about in chapel. What you may be wondering is, “How can I possibly be different from the world yet still in it?” That’s a good question, but never fear, Dave has an answer! Do it by having people to help you with it, you can never be in exile alone or you’re like bait for Satan to devour you like a lion.

The final concept that was greatly talked about in chapel was what the voice of the world was. The voice of the world nowadays is basically saying “do whatever feels good, there is no right or wrong as long as whatever you’re doing feels good. Do whatever it takes to get what you want, cuss, be a jerk, work hard, party harder.” As Christians, it is our job to know better than to think this way, but also we need to bring others to learn this and to let others know that God loves them even when they’re imperfect.

A final main passage from Tuesday’s chapel was 1 Peter 1, which calls us to be holy in an unholy world. The challenge from this chapel was to really question yourself. Are you living and looking like the world or is there something different about you?